-Corrosive Acid first, Incidious Touch (Bonesetter) Second, Neurotoxin Third.

-Corrosive Acid: takes armor from your target and in turn , makes your pet hit like a truck so him holding aggro isn’t an issue.

-Incidious Touch (Bonesetter): Makes your Vampirisms heal your pet as well as -threat from using Vamp. Sounds great to me.

Neurotoxin- It’s a great second dot and the +Int on the way to it is awesome.

So pretty much once you have these skills, your DPS rotation is: Corrosive Acid, Pet (or pet then acid), Neurotoxin then vampirism spam. In the talent tree if you want to get Blood Injection for a heal , that’s up to you. Any talents you want to pick up after these are totally up to you, I just listed what I think are the basics. Pretty much if get these 3 and then close your eyes to choose the rest you still wont have a problem getting to 40.

Talent Points: http://allodsbase.com/en/talents#_3hx1qfor0fx1s82w6y3gg4fe413oy86300sc10

July’s patch: http://allodsbase.com/en/talents#_3hx1tfiqgex1s82w6y3og7vd0820yc6108sc1g

Talent built: http://allodsbase.com/en/talents#_3gx1tfiqgex4f20c1080y3gg7v10820y7382sc10